Isotopes Baseball Park

Baseball has been a tradition in Albuquerque since the debut of the mostly dirt playing surface and folding chairs of Tingley Field in 1932. That facility was replaced in 1969 with the Albuquerque Sports Stadium, which served as home to the city’s minor league baseball team—the Dukes—for 30 years before the team suddenly relocated. To attract a new team to the community, the City knew they needed a minor league ballpark that would provide a major league experience.

The design team endeavored to create a modern ballpark, with extraordinary sightlines and amenities like 30 luxury suites, a diamond club, an open concourse with views to the field, 11,000 self-rising armchair seats, a full outfield experience and grand entry plazas. Merging modern amenities with the rich history of Albuquerque and the endless natural beauties of the region was the inspiration in the completing this unique structure.